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New Resolutions

Every new year resolutions are made, only to get tossed out the window after a week or two. I’ve made many of those kinds of resolutions, ones with ridiculous expectations that were far from realistically achievable. However, this year will be different.

My resolution is to not have a resolution. I will not set up another unrealistic expectation to get upset at myself for not achieving. I am still going to fight towards improving my mental health, but work to not beat myself up when things don’t go as planned (which is most of the time). Improvement is messy and full of setbacks, and getting frustrated with the defeats isn’t beneficial.

Instead, part of my not resolution is to focus more on picking myself up when I get knocked down and celebrating the successes, even if it is as small as getting up after losing a fight with my mental illness. Some days getting out of bed and facing my illness is a huge struggle, one that I rarely give myself credit for doing.

With the start of the new year, I know it won’t be pretty. Life will knock me off my feet, punch me in the face, and tie me up time and time again. As long as I dust myself off and get up, it’s not a true loss because I’m not done fighting.

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